Nutritional Guidance


“You can’t out-train a bad diet.”

This is a fundamental principle upon which all positive change in your fitness and health is based.  Quite literally everything you do in the gym or other activity you participate in, and the degree to which you achieve your fitness goals is almost entirely dependent on the food you consume to support it.

A simple analogy is the car you drive.  If your body is let’s say, a Honda Civic (I loved my Civic, I have nothing against them FYI!) using basic, lower octane fuel will do.  The car will perform at at an acceptable level, and get you from point a to point b.  In pursuit of your fitness goals, the idea is to treat your body like a Ferrari (or whichever luxury vehicle you desire!) and only provide it with the premium grade fuel that it deserves.  In terms of your body, this is the quality and quantity of food you consume.


“80% of your fitness journey is based on your food intake. The other 20% is how you move.”

How will Nutritional Guidance help you?

Calorie counting, thinking, planning and cooking your meals can be quite an undertaking.  With professional guidance on what resources to use and tips on how to be efficient with your nutrition and meal preparation, you can get a handle on the toughest part of any fitness regimen – your NUTRITION.

⇒ Want a customized meal plan, so you don’t have to do any thinking? I can provide you a professional recommendation on dietician-provided resources that can create a comprehensive, custom meal plan tailored to your likes, allergies, and other food limitations, to really take your Nutrition Planning to the NEXT LEVEL.

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