“I lost 50 lbs and 15% of body fat training with Kevin!”


Ryan K.

“As part of my recovery from a lower back injury and to transition back into my regular fitness program (Orange Theory – HIIT), I have been attending personal training with Kevin Green. I really appreciate Kevin’s passion and commitment to helping me achieve my personal fitness and life goals and I am grateful beyond words for his expert coaching and guidance. Within just a few weeks of working with Kevin, I have achieved a remarkable improvement in my fitness level and confidence. Kevin is always very well-prepared for each training session, building on the work we have done to date. He provides in-the-moment as well as summary feedback on my progress – this is very important to me as I learn new habits to keep my body safe and re-build strength and confidence. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Kevin and I highly recommend him as a personal trainer!”


Cathy C.

“I lost 12lbs in 6 weeks working with Kevin!”


Alex B.

“I’ve always been about fitness and have always had a decent idea of what works for myself in terms of the gym.  Training with Kevin took me to that WHOLE NEW LEVEL FOR ME.  His focus on proper form and teaching me how to actually engage muscles has helped my training improve incredibly!  Not only does he have the ability explain why you’re doing something or how it affects your body, he motivates and makes you feel comfortable trying new exercises.  Kevin taught me the simplest of tips for certain exercises that have made all the difference in how I perform in the gym now.  All in all, I couldn’t imagine training with any other personal trainer!”



Mindy P.

“Kevin is the best! I’ve been training with him since early spring and have had amazing results! He helped me to tone, lose weight, gain tons of strength and look fabulous. Not only is he super knowledgeable and easy to work out with but hes a really nice guy that’s such a total pleasure to spend time with! He makes me laugh, and makes me look amazing! What more could you want? I’m lucky to have found him, he’s a gem. ❤


Jeanne M.