Therapeutic Fascial Mobility


Therapeutic Fascial Mobility (TFM)

What is TFM?  Simply put, it is a practice of partner-assisted stretching that targets and alleviates tightness, soreness and immobility in muscles and fascial tissue, either through inactivity or over use in repetitive movements.  TFM also helps train your muscles to have strength in new ranges of motion (ROM)

What is Fascial Tissue?

Fascial Tissue, or Fascia, is defined as a flat band of tissue below the skin that covers and separates underlying soft tissues, like muscles.  Just like muscles, as you bend, move and stretch, fascia moves right along with you.  However, over time, if you don’t stretch or if you get injured, the fascia, which forms a protective webbing over soft tissue, will bunch up and no longer have the pliable properties it once had.  This contributes to the feeling of stiffness you have throughout your body, especially as you get older.


How will TFM help?

Because the practice is partner-assisted, all you need to do is lay down on a massage table, bench, or other flat surface and relax!  Through a sequence of stretches that I take you through, I will:

  • alleviate stiffness
  • target tight problem areas, like calves, glutes and hamstrings
  • promote blood circulation into your muscles
  • release tension in your fascia
  • create greater range of motion and flexibility over time
  • create strength in new ranges of motion, especially if you’re already flexible

TFM will benefit everyone, from seniors to the most conditioned athletes.

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